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As tax advisers, we are members of a liberal profession and responsible for the administration of justice in the application of tax law. Based on the legally protected professional obligation to maintain secrecy and the detailed knowledge of the financial and personal situations of our clients, we bear a great responsibility and enjoy a special position of trust.


We support our clients as independent, expert advisors in all financial, business- and tax-related issues with the objectives of representing their interests as business professionals, institutions or private persons as well as securing and furthering their economic and financial success in the best possible manner. The range of services we provide includes in particular the rendering of accounts in accordance with national and international requirements, consultation and legal protection with regard to tax-related issues.


We practice our profession independently, conscientiously and on our own responsibility. Outstanding educational qualifications combined with rigorous and ongoing advanced training as well as efficient management of our tax accounting firms and quality management enable us to meet both present and future challenges with foresight and flexibility.


As members of independent professions, we provide qualified services such as

  • advice and representation of our clients in tax matters,
  • processing of tax matters as well as providing assistance and support to clients in fulfilling their tax obligations,
  • providing assistance and support to clients in fulfilling their accounting obligations,
  • preparing balance sheets,
  • assessment of the tax treatment of balance sheets,
  • providing assistance and support in criminal proceedings relating to tax matters and in penalty cases.
















Diplom - Ökonom

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